Construction Management

Company Name:
API Systems Inc
Construction Manager SOW


Contractor will provide construction management
and will manage the project's construction progression, deliverables and related activities required according to our Customer's specific project plan. The Construction Manager is the customer facing representative responsible for managing all activities related to the design and construction of cellular base station sites.

Activities include:

Coordinating on-site bid walk reviews with General Contractors
Preparing required site materials list and evaluating bid proposals to ensure bids fall at or beneath budget.
Obtaining, updating and archiving all construction documentation for construction projects, including construction schedules, punch lists, safety reports, lien releases and other standard construction documentation.
Management of both Construction Field Supervisors as well as General Contractors and A&E firms who will assist in the performance of the above functions.

General Site Audit activities:

Physical site survey, including identification of potential safety hazards
Site plan sketch, depicting proposed equipment locations and existing site modifications
Full site photo package
Lease space
Power and Telco point-of-presence
Existing antenna arrays, including azimuth views
Determine site type and corresponding M.O.P. for migration
Upload all documents generated from these activities to the designated project database, i.e. FST, Siterra
Participate in Project Kick-off meetings, meeting with various representatives

Pre-Construction activities:

Review structural reports, surveys, zoning and construction drawings
Provide site-specific construction schedules
Perform pre-construction walk with designated vendors/subcontractors
Upload all documents generated from these activities to the designated project database, i.e. FST, Siterra

Site Construction activities:

Utility provisioning and coordination
Equipment ordering (BTS, antennas, transmission line, etc.)
Vendor/subcontractor field management

Ensure the completion of all site-specific construction activities pursuant to project design specifications and standards:

Electrical/telco installation
Equipment pad/platform installation
Ice bridge installation
Antenna swap coordination
Antenna and line installation
Structural modifications

Review system sweeptest reports to ensure compliance with Customer standards:

Where applicable, review waveguide sweeptest reports, path data sheets and BER test reports to ensure compliance with Customer standards
Where applicable, ensure the complete and thorough restoration of any site disturbance resulting from construction activities
Upload all documents generated from these activities to the designated project database, i.e. FST, Siterra

Post Integration Site activities:

Perform site punch walk and ensure correction of any deficiencies
Complete and submit site completion documents required by Customer including, but not limited to:
Post-Construction Height Verification Form
Network Operations Handoff Checklist
On-Air Notice/Date Form
Final Site Inspection Checklist
As-Built Construction Drawings (redlines)
List of Subcontractors
All Waivers and Releases
Any and all jurisdictional documents, i.e. certificate, inspection
Upload all documents generated from these activities to the designated project database, i.e. FST, Siterra
Company Description:
About API Systems, Inc.:

Founded in 1992, API Systems is a Technology Services Company offering our expertise to well known, quality driven, global clients. We are devoted to promoting increased profitability and productivity through the efficient use of IT.

Core Competencies include:

Consulting, Staff Augmentation & Entry-Level Workforce Development Programs
Managed Services, Infrastructure Solutions, Virtualization & IT Compliance
Customized IT Training
Customized Application Development and Deployment for Entertainment & Sporting Industries

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